Service Storage Systems

VIEMET's products are manufactured with the latest technical specifications that impose the international regulations regarding racking systems SEMA England, RMI America, and fulfill the all the rules of safety. However damage can be caused by the following factors:

-- Natural disaster: Earthquake.
-- The carelessness of forklift drivers.
-- Faulty design of warehouse initially that prevents its smooth operation.
-- Untidy placement of pallets in corridors or on racks.

VIEMET G. Titopoulos SA offers a full after sales support in case of replacement of frame or beam that has been destroyed due to misuse from a truck, thus ensuring the safety of your racking construction and your personnel.After a thorough control of the statistical data, VIEMET undertakes the repair of the racking system that has suffered damage. Specialized teams of assembly can transform and adapt your old warehouse according to your new needs and demands.

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